December 15, 2017

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I wandered on down to Chariton in Lucas County, about an hour south of Des Moines, to find some lunch and see what kind of adventures I could find.

Prior to stopping at Hunter Bros Tree Farm north of town and the town of Lucas on my way hom...

December 14, 2017

On a recent Sunday afternoon, as I was driving back to West Des Moines from Chariton, I paused for a few minutes to wander around Lucas, Iowa.

Like Chariton, Lucas is in Lucas County and is about an hour south of Des Moines. It was founded as a mining town in 1868 and n...

December 13, 2017

I grew up in a home that always had an artificial Christmas tree and these days, I am not much of a holiday decorator. Not to mention, I cannot recall ever visiting a real Christmas tree farm. But when I discovered I was near Hunter Bros. Tree Farm just north of Charit...

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