May 6, 2019

The city of Melbourne in Australia has nearly 5 million people. The city of Melbourne in Marshall County registers in at around 820. You are for more likely to run into a deer than a kangaroo. Clearly, outside of sharing a name, they don't share a lot of other similari...

April 9, 2019

With the advent of Pinterest and Etsy and other similar websites as well as home improvement and DIY television shows, many people have discovered a lot of creative ideas for re-purposing old "junk". Alternatively, those who have "collected" a lot of old items over the...

October 15, 2017

When you are operating a small retail business in a rural area, you have to get creative in how drive foot traffic to your front door. That's why I applaud fun ideas like the twice-a-year "Back Roads Junk-It Trail".

What is this the Back Roads Junk-It Trail? Until a few...

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