Leaving Riverside Casino... underwater

Following my stop in Iowa City for a college soccer game, I adventured down Highway 218 to rural Riverside in Washington County.

I met up with three pals who wanted to see if they could make their Friday night a bit more financially rewarding by testing their luck at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

I am not much of a gambler and have never felt too confident playing the tables, but my three friends found a few spots at one of the craps tables.


I grabbed a crisp Lincoln out of my billfold and found some penny slots. High roller, right? Eventually the House took my full five, but not until I nearly cashed it out when I got up over $8. That says a lot about my tolerance for risk.

Like many of Iowa's casinos, this one was built where a cornfield once was. Instead of rows of grain, there are now rows of hotel rooms, long lines at the buffet, and plenty of gamblers hoping to harvest a bumper crop of cash.

In addition to the gambling and golf, there is a pretty steady stream of entertainment acts rolling through. A band was playing on Friday night at a stage just off the gambling floor and plenty of seniors were showing off their dance moves.

Like with any Iowa casino, there is plenty of drinking and smoking (not without its controversy!), but there is also plenty of free soda and coffee available. I even found a hot dog on my way in.

This was a brief stop - probably no more than an hour. My friends decided the house had won enough. I look forward to future stops in Washington County.

Learn more about Riverside Casino and Golf Resort by clicking HERE.

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