No bogies at Pub19 Bar and Grill at Okoboji View

Last Saturday night a number of family members and I ventured up to Spirit Lake to Okoboji View Golf Course to check out Pub19 Bar & Grill. We were celebrating several family members' birthdays.

This eatery is located within the clubhouse and it offers a lot of natural light through large windows overlooking the very well manicured golf course.

There are high top tables and regular height tables interspersed throughout the room. They have a bar and there were a few televisions around the room. Since the home-state Hawkeyes were playing the Michigan State Spartans, that of course was the programming of choice.

When we first arrived, it was certainly not overly busy. We took up a couple of tables. Our party ranged in age from toddler to senior citizen and so it is certainly a restaurant accessible to all ages.

As the night went on, the restaurant got increasingly more busy - to the point where there were folks waiting in the foyer for tables to open up. Obviously, for any restaurant, that's a good sign. That means people are willing to wait for your food and the experience.

Our server was polite but it seemed as though she was maybe spread a bit too thin. She certainly was on the move trying to hit a lot of tables. We had a big party (more than a dozen) so naturally, that takes awhile to get all the food prepared and served at roughly the same point. The menu is relatively diverse so not all the menu items are going to be ready at the same time.

I ordered the French dip with a baked potato. The potato was excellent. The au jus with my sandwhich was great. The actual sandwich was fine but not overly memorable. Others at my table ordered pizza, which they are known for (and it looked really good!), spaghetti, salads, pork tenderloins, and fish, among others.

Generally, it was an overall positive experience. I would say mostly bogey free but there were no real birdies or eagles, either. It was a bit loud at times - but that can maybe also be attributed to a full dining room. It was "on par" with what you might expect. Next time I am there, I'll use my mulligan and probably try the pizza.

Afterward, we went to my aunt and uncle's home for dessert, so we did not sample their dessert menu.

Check out their website and if you have any suggestions for future adventures in Dickinson County or elsewhere, please drop me a note! I look forward to future visits to Dickinson County, Spirit Lake, and the Iowa Great Lakes!

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