Goldie's in Prairie City keeps 'em coming back for more

If you are planning to visit the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge - let me give you a bit of great advice: add a stop at Goldie's in Prairie City to your itinerary. It's just the sort of ma and pa restaurant in rural Iowa that is dishing out fantastic food while winning some serious acclaim along the way.

On my recent mid-afternoon visit, after enjoying some time at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, I splurged on a spectacular mint malt.

But had I been there closer to the lunch or dinner hour, I would have skipped the ice cream for something on their menu that has truly put them on the map. Goldie's is home of the 2009 Iowa Pork Producers' Best Breaded Tenderloin award - and anybody that has eaten it - has nothing but praise. It's the real deal. After mentioning to several people that I went to Goldie's, they expressed dismay that I did NOT have a tenderloin.

Inside and outside, Goldie's is nothing flashy - and that's largely what I love about it. It's got that small town diner feel and they let the food do the talking for them.

Inside, it has limited seating but several spots at the counter, which give it that authentic diner look.

They have more than just ice cream and pork tenderloins, as evidenced by their menu.

I look forward to some return trips to Goldie's - as I definitely need to try one of those famous pork tenderloins. After departing the parking lot, I drove around the community for a bit to see what else was going on. It was a bit sleepy, but that is was to be expected on a Sunday afternoon in late October.

Check out Goldie's Facebook and website and be sure to add them to your list for a future adventure.

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