Samples galore at Picket Fence Creamery near Woodward

There's probably a good chance that you have seen "Picket Fence Creamery" products available in the dairy section of your local grocery store if you live in Central Iowa.

But you don't have to just go to your grocery store to find their fresh products - you can actually go straight to the source. Located in northwest Dallas County, outside of Woodward, Picket Fence Creamery is home to a great showcase of Iowa products.

Picket Fence is about a mile off of Highway 141, but it does require a little gravel travel in order to actually get on to the premises. The farm has a large sign off of the highway near the exit.

You know you are at the right spot, as you are greeted by this sign at the end of the driveway.

In addition to the farm, they have a country store which is regularly open with consistent hours. However, on this particular Sunday, I adventured out for their monthly "Sample Sunday" event.

I am a big fan of agri-tourism and I always appreciate farms finding creative ways to connect with consumers. Picket Fence has these "Sample Sunday" events once a month, and I would highly encourage a visit on one of these days. There is ample parking along the driveway.

In addition to all of the products for sale and samples to taste, Picket Fence invites some guest vendors to sell other products, such as photography, wine, teddy bears, household decorations, and much more.

Because this is a very kid-friendly event, they even had a young bottle bull calf available to pet and look at. He was quite friendly and rather adorable!

Inside the country store, there are shelves, freezers, refrigerators, and displays stocked full of products - either produced on this farm - or at another Iowa farm.

But of course, even better, there are plenty of free samples. I truly enjoyed the eggnog and the eggnog ice cream.

For those that didn't get enough food through the samples, they had hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, and cookies for sale (in addition to all of the other products in the country store).

This is a fun place to stop and I would encourage you to check out their website or Facebook page to learn more. Keep an eye out for their upcoming sample Sunday events!

As always, I welcome your suggestions of places to visit and profile whether in Dallas County or any of the other 98 counties in Iowa. If you have a good idea or would like to host the Iowa Adventurer, please drop me a note through this website.