Downtown Sheldon: Marigolds, Ben Franklin, A Country Florist, Evie's Hallmark, and JDL Kreations

If you are looking for a new years resolution for 2018, how about resolving to support your main street businesses more?

In an era where it might seem "easier" just to go online and have something shipped to your door, we are forgetting the incredible value of shopping locally and supporting the men and women who keep our Main Streets alive. Every time we choose to buy locally, we are keeping those dollars in our communities and those dollars continue to circulate through the economy.

I may live in West Des Moines, but I have a special place in my heart for my hometown communities of Sheldon and Archer in O'Brien County. Recently, over the holidays, I adventured around Sheldon, including making stops at several downtown businesses.


Sheldon is the "Marigold City" so it would make sense that there would be a store called "Marigolds". They have one of the better slogans I've found for a store, "Shop the Unexpected". Finding the unexpected is exactly what makes an adventure fun!

The store is actually a winding display of lots of great decor, food and beverage, furniture, toys, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, kitchen accessories, and much, much more.

On certain days (or day) of the week, my cousin Emily's very popular Half Baked cupcakes are for sale. From all accounts, they sell out rather quickly.

Years ago, this particular property used to be like a mini-mall with lots of different businesses. When Marigolds took it over, they just made it into one big store. There is always something new and it's all so very nicely arranged.

Check out Marigolds on Facebook and make sure to stop in next time you are in the Sheldon area.

Ben Franklin

Next door to Marigolds is Ben Franklin. There are still a few Ben Franklins to be found in communities across Iowa, and perhaps elsewhere. If your town is lucky enough to have one, it's best to support it because they are amazing.

I always say that I think the Sheldon Ben Franklin has everything. The family that owns the Sheldon Ben Franklin also runs the Ben Franklin in Orange City, a town about 20 miles away in Sioux County.

There is a healthy selection of clothing and merchandise branded with either the local high school (Sheldon Orabs) or favorite universities such as Iowa State or Iowa.

There is a large selection of crafting materials and a sizable inventory of fabric and quilting supplies, for those who are creatively inclined.

They have a large selection of greeting cards and, in an unexpected twist, an impressive collection of pinatas for sale.

They have collectibles for sale and a wide array of toys and games, too.

There is a wide selection of home goods, small appliances, clothing, personal care, and more. The connected framing gallery has some higher end prints and other fine furnishings.

If you are going to be downtown Sheldon, a stop at Ben Franklin is a must. Check out their Facebook page to learn more.

JDL Kreations & Consignments

About a block away from Ben Franklin and Marigolds is JDL Kreations & Consignments. This particular store front has a storied history in Sheldon and has been home to a number of businesses over the years. The current occupant has filled the space with a unique selection of all kinds of things. I like these types of stores because there is usually something for everyone.

There was a box of ties for sale for $1 each. I limited myself to only 20, but I think there was about 200 in there. If you hurry, you might still find some good ones left. You can't beat that deal!

But if ties aren't for you, perhaps a wedding dress?

There is other clothing for sale, as well.

Other than clothing, there are a lot of antiques, furniture, vinyl records, and other household and home decor for sale, too.

Give JDL Kreations and Consignments a look on Facebook. They have great updates and new inventory all the time.

Evie's Hallmark

Across the street and a few stores to the west of JDL is Evie's Hallmark. This particular Hallmark has one of the largest selection of greeting cards that I have found. But of course, they have lots of other items too!