Out on the town in Clear Lake on the Saturday of the Color the Wind Kite Festival

Last week, I was looking for somewhere in Iowa to go on Saturday that would be especially interesting (I always welcome suggestions!). I turned to the always trusty Travel Iowa website calendar and spotted the "Color the Wind Kite Festival" happening on Saturday in Clear Lake.

Upon further research online and via Facebook, I discovered this is quite the annual big deal in North Iowa. Adding even more intrigue is the fact that Lee Cowan of CBS Sunday Morning, of which I am a big fan and regular viewer, was planning to be there to cover this unique festival.

After pitching the idea of going to Clear Lake on Saturday to my oldest brother Andrew, we decided to venture up to Cerro Gordo County to satisfy our curiosity about this intriguing event.

Clear Lake is about 110 miles from Des Moines and you can get there, going the speed limit on I-35, in just under two hours. About half way through the trip, it started to snow. I hadn't planned on driving through significant snow accumulation, but fortunately it was mostly the type of snow that was not overly heavy and thus blew off the road relatively easily.

Since the festival did not start until 11am and my brother and I rolled into town earlier than that, we wandered around the downtown district a bit. It's a very beautiful downtown and it was quite picturesque on this day with the falling snow.

If you are not familiar with Clear Lake, it's a community of about 7700 people but much higher than that during the summer. They have a significant tourism draw with the beautiful lake.

Cabin Coffee Company

The first stop was the locally famous Cabin Coffee Company, which is both a coffee roasting business and a very popular coffee shop. I've been to Cabin during the summer months when there is literally a line out the door. On this particular snowy Saturday, it was bustling with consumers looking for caffeine or cinnamon rolls, but there was no line out the door. I just got a cup of coffee, but my brother got one of their warmed up cinnamon rolls, which are quite heavenly.

The place definitely has a cabin or rustic aesthetic to it. I can always appreciate a place that has a vision and then just jumps all in.

Clear Lake Arts Center

The Clear Lake Arts Center is a great place to enjoy local art and they also have a great calendar of activities for all ages. On this particular Saturday, given that the kite festival was occurring, they had a kite activity for kids. Much of the art work on display is for sale.

I saw some paint by number which might be more up my alley.

They have a media studio in addition to the galleries.

Larson's Mercantile

This is one of my favorite stops in Clear Lake because it is such an eccentric place. There are a lot of unique things in this store. To me, it's almost like a cross between a Spencer Gifts and a Ben Franklin. There's usually something for about anyone and you find yourself chuckling to yourself as you mosey through the aisles.

Collector's Wonderland

I am always a fan of stopping in antique stores and Collector's Wonderland is a good one. The gentleman working in there is very engaging and was eager to point out a number of interesting pieces. There are a couple dozen airplanes, some furniture, artwork, old signs, collectibles, primitive tools and more.

My brother and I were quite intrigued by this mission oak library desk and Christopher Columbus desk lamp, but we left without purchasing either.

Roaring Lion Antiques and Collectibles

Roaring Lion Antiques and Collectibles is across the street and a few stores down from Collector's Wonderland. A very kind lady was working in there and my brother and I wandered around a bit. This particular store has fewer "large" items and more smaller items, but there's plenty to look at.


Ralphene's is a unique store in that half of it is an antique and collectible store and the other half has mostly new merchandise and decor.