Okoboji is ready for another season as Iowa's premier vacation destination

Though Summer doesn't actually start for a few more weeks, many consider Memorial Day weekend to be when it "unofficially" starts. That is especially true at the Iowa Great Lakes where every day between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend seems like a vacation.

On the Sunday before Memorial Day, my brother and cousin spent most of the day out and about hitting up a few of the region's hot spots. There's so many adventures to enjoy and we really only scratched the surface.

You can easily make a day or a weekend out of it...but if you wanted to do a whole week...I have no doubt you'd make that work too.

The Three Sons in Milford

The Three Sons in Milford is a family owned apparel, accessories, and shoe store. I consider it to be an Iowa Great Lakes institution and seemingly a great place to find the latest fashions from notable brands or get yourself some University of Okoboji merchandise.

The store's decor is unique inside. It's no frills but in a good way. It's also a walk through history when it comes to Okoboji high school athletics and activities.

As I mentioned, you can buy shoes. They have a great selection of Birkenstock and Sperry, among many others.

They have a huge selection, on a couple of different floors, of all kinds of clothing and apparel. It's really impressive. Usually, there are some sales upstairs.

It's a good place to find some Okoboji or "University of Okoboji" merchandise.

Or...maybe you need some adventure apparel? Of course, you can always shop the just launched (with more products to come) Iowa Adventurer Store.

West O Beer

Iowa has witnessed an explosion of new craft breweries during the past 5+ years.

Literally, dozens of micro-breweries have popped up in big and small cities across Iowa, including West O Beer in West Okoboji. It's a popular spot year-a-round and their distribution network continues to grow. You can certainly find their beverages in Des Moines, for example.

It was quite warm on the day we visited and there were a few folks outside on their patio, but most were interested in staying in the air conditioning.

They have an ample selection of beer choices behind their bar. The bar, of course, has a fair amount of seating.

However, there is other table seating options elsewhere as well.

Larger-than-normal Jenga games are always popular bar games. You can also see that they have quite a few events scheduled.

If you wanted to buy some merchandise to take with you, there's a corner of the tap room with a good selection.

What pairs well with beer? Peanuts of course.

It's important to preserve the condition of the Iowa Great Lakes for the future and West O is trying to do their part to help with that.

There are plenty of "watering holes" to choose from at the Iowa Great Lakes but maybe give West O a try next time you are in the area.

The Central Emporium, Sugar Shack, and The Garden

The Central Emporium is always a great place to stop when you are at the Lakes. It's filled with lots of fun shops - both inside - and outside.

There are multiple floors of stores and boutiques.

I'm always partial to the Sugar Shack, which is owned by family friends. My aunt Marge worked here continuously for over 40+ summers. You can find all kinds of wrapped or bulk candy. The bulk candy is sold by the pound. It's always a treat to stop in and it's usually pretty busy!

On the lower level of the Emporium is The Gardens, which is a restaurant and bar with impeccable views of the water. There are docks that allow boaters to be able to tie their boat up and come in for refreshments. Seemingly every time I'm there, I see people I recognize. There's quite a bit of seating both inside and outside.