Out and about in historic Northwood, the county seat of Worth County

On a recent snowy Saturday earlier this month (that could be almost any of our Saturdays this month), I spent a good chunk of my day hitting up a few spots in both Cerro Gordo and Worth Counties. North Iowa is full of gems and I've really only scratched the surface thus far. After a great lunch at Sue's Corner Post Cafe and then a stop at Worth Brewing Company and the Bee Hive Ballroom in historic Northwood, I drove around town just to see what else I could find.

Northwood is home to the county fairgrounds and thus the annual Worth County Fair. As a 10 year 4-Her and current member of the board of trustees of the Iowa 4-H Foundation, I am a huge proponent of 4-H and the good it does in developing our youth. Maybe I can come back to check out the fair when it is happening some year? I was impressed by the quality of the facilities and signage.

I loved this statue which greets you as you enter the fairgrounds. What a neat way to honor our 4-H and FFA students and to pay homage to our shared agricultural heritage.

Worth County, like most of rural Iowa, has an economy driven by agriculture. I found an elevator in town. Co-ops provide a lot of other services and inputs for crop and livestock production as well.

I found a nice and fairly new looking school building utilized by the Northwood-Kensett School District.

I also spotted some athletic facilities utilized by the Vikings.

I found a few small town staples: a Casey's General Store, the county Farm Bureau office, and Fallgatter's Market, an independent grocer. In a state that is dominated by Hy-Vee and Fareway, it's still good to see some independent grocers.

There are some great historical buildings along the east/west highway that runs through town. I'm not entirely sure what this yellow building was used for/is now used for, but it's quite beautiful. It caught my attention almost immediately.

On the western edge of town is an old creamery building. I don't know if it is now part of the historical museum, but it's a very pretty piece of history.

You certainly don't see chimneys like that very often anymore.

Located more on the east side of town is the county courthouse and then a large brick building across the street that is used as county's museum. I'd like to stop and spend more time in both at a future date, perhaps when it is not so snowy.

The Main Street part of town is also full of beautiful buildings of commerce. I was impressed by the great architecture and variety of businesses.

They also have some nice streetscape elements, including some attractive light poles and even a really cool clock.

The I parked near The Hen House and unfortunately it was not open when I was in town. It looks like the kind of place I would ordinarily enjoy stopping into.

Though I did find the office of State Representative Jane Bloomingdale who is likely very busy this time of year helping people prepare their taxes and working on legislation and constituent work in Des Moines.

Near the western edge of town, I found an interesting looking building near the park which is used as the Civic Center. I've heard great things about the city park but I guess I'll have to wait until a future visit to check it out.

I spent a couple of hours here but it was not nearly enough time to fully appreciate the essence of the town. I will look forward to getting back sometime when it's not so cold and snowy. There's a lot to see and do in Northwood and elsewhere in Worth County.

What else do I need to hit up next time I'm in town?

As always, I welcome your suggestions of places to visit and profile whether in Worth County or any of the other 98 counties in Iowa. If you have a good idea or would like to host the Iowa Adventurer, please drop me a note through my website.