Auburn in Sac County offers 'A Taste of Home'

On its city website, Auburn (pop. 322 as of the 2010 census), "takes pride in the many organizations, churches, and city businesses it has to offer. We are a family based community in West Central Iowa that is known for our charming downtown shops and beautiful city parks. If you are looking to experience all that small town life has to offer, come and visit Auburn! Visit us and see for yourself why Auburn is . . .'A Taste of Home'."

Not bad for an "elevator pitch".

Since they were encouraging visitors, I thought I would take them up on the offer. It's located in southern Sac County on Highway 71, about 15 minutes to the north of Carroll.

I started my visit community, which is named after the city of Auburn in New York, at the locally popular Little Green Truck Coffee Company. I know the family that owns the business and had been meaning to check it out. You can read about my visit there in a previous post. Count me as a big fan.

However, as they mention on the website, there is more to the town than just a neat coffee shop.

I spotted a couple of nice churches.

There are also a really nice city park that is named after Roy Reiman, who is a native of the area. Roy Reiman became a financially successful publisher. One of my favorite publications he produces is Our Iowa magazine. Roy and his wife Bobbi are also large benefactors of Iowa State University. They are the Reimans behind Reiman Gardens near the Jack Trice Stadium. They also provided the initial $25 million dollar gift to get the ball rolling on the finishing the south end zone project.

I am sure it is more picturesque once things green up a bit.

I spotted another park on the east side of town that includes a unique shelter and other playground equipment.

I also spotted a ball field in town.

I do not believe Auburn has any operating schools any more, however they do have a couple of school buildings. It appears that both now have alternative uses. Krudico now occupies the old Catholic school building.

The other school building on the west side of town appears to be going through some renovation or revitalization. Will it be turned into housing, perhaps?

I spotted a lot of nice but modest single family homes.

However, one particular house really caught my eye.

There are a number of buildings in the downtown area that are in various stages of use and condition.

There is a nice library/city hall in the downtown area too.

Mohr's Farm Market appears to be a seasonal business. Based on what I see on its Facebook page, I'll definitely want to stop back in the future.

I spotted a unique looking Trading Post antique business but it was not open when I was in town. Otherwise, this looks like it would have been my kind of place.

I also noticed a feed business.

I also found a county road maintenance shop, another heavy industrial business, a garage or welding business of sorts, and a camper storage facility.

Of course, there is also a water tower.

For a town of only 300+ people, they are fortunate to have a Sparky's gas station. Lots of other towns of their size would love to have that. However, it does help that it is at the intersection of two highways.

I enjoyed my visit to Auburn and hope to get back again in the near future. At a minimum, you can find an excellent cup of coffee (and more!) at The Little Green Truck Coffee Company. There is also a lot more to explore in the broader Sac County area.

As always, I welcome your suggestions of places to visit and profile whether in Sac County or any of the other 98 counties in Iowa. If you have a good idea or would like to host the Iowa Adventurer, please drop me a note through my website.