Periwinkle Place Manor 'Dead and Breakfast' in Chelsea is where history and mystery collide

Iowa's landscape is dotted with numerous unique or cozy bed and breakfast establishments. From our bigger cities to our smaller towns, we are fortunate to have places that offer up special experiences and memorable accommodations. A great example of this (memorable!) is in the small town of Chelsea in Tama County.

Chelsea is located along the historic Lincoln Highway, our nation's first transcontinental road. Long before our modern Interstate system, the Lincoln Highway was a popular route for people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and incomes.

On a recent Friday evening, after receiving a very kind invite from the owner, I rolled into Chelsea to experience a stay at the historic Periwinkle Manor Bed and Breakfast - I mean...'Dead and Breakfast'.

The Periwinkle is a gorgeous old building that for most of it's life - served as a funeral home. Research indicates it is likely the oldest funeral home building that is still standing in Iowa and one of - if not the oldest - funeral home buildings still standing west of the Mississippi

It served as the Chelsea location of the Hrabak Funeral Home business until they closed it in 2003. They still operate a funeral home in nearby Belle Plaine.

After it closed, the building fell into severe disrepair and even experienced a damaging fire. It was a candidate to be demolished or burned down...that is...until Jodi Phillip and her husband John got their hands on it.

They went to work putting life (well, as much life as you can put into an old funeral home) back into the building. Some of the before and after pictures, documented in a book in the building and also online, are pretty stark.

The book is in a nook near a used (yes, used!) Periwinkle casket. The casket was found on the property and became the inspiration for the name of the business.

The attention to detail with the decor throughout the house (and really the whole property) is quite immaculate.

The place has a reputation for being home to paranormal activity and the owners definitely do not hide that fact in their advertising. In fact, there is a large constituency of consumers who actively seek out haunted experiences.

The decor is a nice mix of period furnishings and items that fit with what you would expect to find in an old funeral home that might (well, probably) also be haunted.

There is even a working body elevator.

The rooms are all aptly named. I arrived after some of the guests had already checked in, and thus didn't see all of the rooms. But honestly, who wouldn't be interested in staying in the coffin cove penthouse?

The grounds around the house are just as spooky and special. You probably cannot go anywhere else in Iowa and find coffin benches. In this case, they were situated around a fire pit.

There was even a coffin with some coolers in it and another one just sitting in the yard behind the house.

There's a variety of other furniture, structures, signs...and well...I guess you could call them lawn ornaments, too.

Next to the old funeral home is a large home that was recently purchased by the owners. They are turning it into more guest space. It's been dubbed the "Crazy Sister House".

It's not everyday that you find an old embalming table used as a kitchen island.

Like the main house, it is filled with a unique collection of assorted spooky, creepy, and period decor.

The rooms, both upstairs and downstairs, have themes and names as well.