Bancroft in Kossuth County lays claim to being the 'Garden Spot of Iowa'

In 1851, nearly 170 years ago, the Iowa Legislature enacted a bill to add an additional 52 counties to the already established 48. 52 + 48 = 100, right?


But I thought Iowa only had 99 counties?

Well, we do know.

But long ago, for a period of a few years, we actually did have 100. That is until two of the counties combined under the name of Kossuth and pushed us down to 99, the total we still have now. Today, Kossuth County, located along the Minnesota border, is about twice as "tall" as it's neighboring counties.

So what was the name of the 100th county - the one that went away?

Bancroft County.

Even though Bancroft County is now just a mention in an Iowa history book, there is a nice city in Kossuth County named Bancroft that lives on today.

The town, with a population of about 730 as of the 2010 census, has laid claim to being the "Garden Spot of Iowa".

I visited Bancroft late last summer, while everything was still green, and found things to be looking pretty fertile and healthy.

As I was driving around the community, many things jumped out at me. I noticed that the branded town signs on the light poles made reference to baseball.

Sure enough, I found an absolutely incredible baseball field, Bancroft Memorial Park, that looks like it could be straight out of an old baseball movie.

The town website has a nice page about the history of the park and it's long tradition of being a baseball powerhouse. It appears that it was renovated in 1997 based on this nice plaque I found.

The field is nicely manicured and I was impressed to see actual dugouts.

According to the website, the bleachers will hold about 1300 spectators.

These signs show that it is the home of the Bancroft Bandits and the North Union Warriors. The Bandits are a collegiate wood bat team playing in the Pioneer Collegiate Baseball League.

Bancroft is also home to a large and very beautiful Catholic Church, St. John the Baptist. It is over 125 years old. Nearby Algona, the largest city in the county, is home to Bishop Garrigan. Garrigan is a private Catholic high school.

There are a couple of other buildings on or near the campus that may have alternative uses these days.

I found another smaller church as well. It appears to be a Baptist church.

The downtown is home to a number of commercial buildings in addition to city hall. There is a small park-like green space and gazebo next door to city hall.

From banks and salons to a grocery store and hardware store, there's a nice mix of amenities. For a town of this size, I'm glad to see the downtown looks pretty healthy.

I was not able to stop in at this bar and grill on this trip but I'll hopefully make it next time.

This department store building appears to be recently refurbished. I'm not sure what its use is, but it's a gorgeous old building. I'm glad to see if looks like it's being well taken care of.

Highway 169 runs north and south through town and there are a number of different businesses along that.

Many of the businesses have an agricultural focus, as agriculture is the lifeblood of rural Iowa. For example, there's a grain elevator and other agricultural input businesses.

Aluma has a manufacturing or distribution spot here in town. They are a good (and sizable) Iowa employer.

There's both a car dealership and implement dealers. You can find a wide array of "colors" of implements.