Home to the 'World's Largest Strawberry', Strawberry Point is 'The Sweetest Place to Grow'

According to Strawberry Point's website, local traders, railroad workers, and soldiers enjoyed the wild strawberries along the countryside and thus the town, founded in 1853, got it's...well...berry nice name.

Located on the far southern end of Clayton County in far Northeast Iowa, the town of about 1200+ has fully bit right into it. They pitch themselves, aptly, as the, "The Sweetest Place to Grow".

Perhaps most noteworthy, the town is the proud owner of a beautiful 15 foot tall plexiglass strawberry, an attraction that has been dubbed the "Largest Strawberry in the World." Iowa Adventurer stopped last Fall for a few minutes and enjoyed more than five decade old installation.

It's located downtown, was designed in the 1960's by a local advertising agency, and sits atop a pole in front of the City Hall.

I'd love to see something additional on the base or nearby it that gives a little more history and information about the strawberry. Who designed it? Who manufactured it? Is there a picture of it's unveiling or dedication? Can you set up a "selfie stand or selfie spot"? It's a very cool landmark, but I feel like a little more could be done to keep me there a little longer.

Over the course of my adventures around Iowa, I've visited a few other of our "Big" attractions. There's of course more to see, that I haven't yet hit. However, Iowa is also home to the "World's Largest Bull", the "World's Largest Bullhead", the "World's Largest Popcorn Ball", the "World's Largest Coffee Pot". There are more to hit as the travels continue.

This was a short visit but there's lots more to see and do in the area, including much more to check out in Strawberry Point.

On my next stop, I'll have to wander around downtown and elsewhere to see what other interesting places I can find.

Naturally, Clayton County is also full of other "must-see" spots and there is a nice sign on the side of the City Hall building that gives visitors lots of good ideas.

You could build a full weekend or more just in Clayton County alone. On a grander scale, you could build a full week of adventures just in this small section of Northeast Iowa. I find all of Iowa to be beautiful and interesting, but there's something about the "Driftless Area" that is so picturesque.

As always, I welcome your suggestions of places to visit and profile whether in Clayton County or any of the other 98 counties in Iowa. If you have a good idea or just want to get into contact with me, please drop me a note through this website.