No meal choice fails at The Twisted Tail, a popular steakhouse and saloon in Beebeetown

It might take you awhile to find Beebeetown on the map, but I promise you that once you find it and then visit The Twisted Tail Steakhouse and Saloon, you won't soon forget it.

There's not much to Beebeetown these days. It's technically an unincorporated community in Harrison County in southwest Iowa.

It's not far off the well traveled I-80 and I-680 and you can get there from Council Bluffs or Omaha in just about a half hour, depending on traffic.

Other than being home to arguably one of Iowa's best restaurants, Beebeetown (which technically has a Logan address since it's unincorporated) is home to a few houses, a vacant retail building, and, of course, plenty of nearby farms.

I'm not sure what kind of business Uncle Mike's was, but the building is largely boarded up. I'm not sure if the area could support a convenience store or "general store" of sorts, but there is some good traffic that passes through the town, given the restaurant, the proximity to the Interstate, and the county highway that passes through.

Behind the restaurant is a large area that is utilized for outdoor entertainment. I'm sure that's been hampered by COVID-19 (like everything else!), but hopefully there will be a time in the future when that space can be hoppin' again.

There's even a permanent stage.

Out the gate and across the road is a whole area that is utilized for event parking.

I got a nice chuckle out of this pump on top of the fence post.

There is a sizable quantity of outdoor and patio seating at the front and also on the side of the restaurant. There seems to be no shortage of indoor seating either, but it's ideal to have that amount of outdoor seating to accommodate patrons during warmer weather and now...with social distancing.

There's plenty of parking out front and at the time of my stop, there was a large contingent of motorcyclists rolling up. From what I've been told, this place is quite popular with motorcycle riders.

The entrance to the restaurant includes a large American flag and a memorial to a Vietnam Veteran who was killed in action.

It's hard to argue with a place that invites you to seat yourself AND offers you a free piece of candy upon entering.

They also a display of some of their awards and ribbon. After you taste the food, you can see that they are certainly warranted.

There's ample seating inside, including a full bar.

There's also plenty of tables for seating in a couple of different dining rooms.

How would I describe the interior decorating scheme? How about "Industrial and rustic with western and patriotic accents"? The attractive and industrial-feeling metal ceilings paired with the paneled walls and wood floors given it both an industrial and rustic vibe.

The walls are adorned with no shortage of western prints, animal heads, American flags, memorabilia, and more. It's a love of country, cattle, and cowboys....but also pretty eclectic.

Of course, there's no shortage of beer insignia and televisions too.