The 'Rumors' are true, there is a great bar and grill on Sutherland's Main Street

Where might you go in a small town to find out the latest town gossip, hearsay, tall tales, or rumors? It's a good chance you'd find yourself at the local bar and grill.

In Sutherland, a town of about 600 in the far southeast corner of O'Brien County, that particular bar and grill is aptly named "Rumors Bar & Grill".

Located on the end of Main Street near the co-op, Rumors occupies an old two story brick building. There have been a few different establishments in the place over the years and Rumors is still relatively new. The restaurant, formerly named Mugshots, was acquired by a new owner and renamed in late 2019. The name is an acknowledgment to the rumors that were flying around town when the business was purchased by the new owner.

Inside, you'll find an expansive space complete with a full bar, kitchen, and dining space. There are tables and booths that can comfortably accommodate the hungry and thirsty patrons.

There are several televisions around the bar, which makes it a good place to watch sports (hopefully we get live sports back sometime soon). There's also a my touch tunes juke box.

I dined at the establishment not long after restaurants in Iowa were allowed to re-open at a limited capacity. Thus, there were fewer tables than normal and some of the booths were taped off to help with social distancing.

There is also a stage area that, presumably, can be used for live entertainment. However, on my visit, it was mostly just a space for storage. I imagine you could also utilize the space for additional dining, including those who might have a larger party. I did spot a billiards table and a darts board up there, however.

They have a full bar available for those looking for alcohol.

However, you can obviously also get non-alcoholic drinks. Their menu is very standard for what you would expect to find at an Iowa small town bar and grill.

The prices are very reasonable and there is a wide selection of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, baskets, salads, wraps, and wings. I'm told that their broasted chicken is pretty popular.

They also have a children's menu and weekly specials. When I was checking out their Facebook page, I noticed that they have a frequent prime rib special. Maybe I'm hungry as I write this post, but that sounds really delicious.

My family and I visited for a quick Saturday lunch and I opted to keep things pretty simple: a cheeseburger with french fries. I maybe should have been a bit more adventurous, but as far as small town bar/grill burgers and fries goes, it was quite good.

If you are from the Sutherland area and haven't stopped in yet, it's definitely a good place to enjoy and frequent. If you are just passing through for any reason (there are plenty!) or are simply just in the mood for a road trip to see some new sights and try out a new restaurant, the rumors of Sutherland having a good bar and grill are definitely quite true!

As always, I welcome your suggestions of places to visit and profile whether in O'Brien County or any of the other 98 counties in Iowa. If you have a good suggestion or would like to host the Iowa Adventurer, please drop me a note through this site.