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Ready for an Adventure?

It's Everywhere Around You!

Too often we get caught up in the idea that we need to travel great distances to experience amazing adventures. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and see the world as much as the next person.

Yet, we are missing so much around us! Why go 300 or 3000 miles when adventures await just .3, 3, or 30 miles away? There are 99 counties and more than 900 communities to explore. Literally millions of acres of potential adventure.


From big cities to small towns on and off the beaten (and eaten) paths, get ready to meet the people, see the places, and take in the events that make Iowa so special. 


Without a doubt, soon you will be inspired to embark on your own Iowa adventures!


Meet Don 

Don McDowell is the Iowa Adventurer


Described as "The Ultimate Iowa Tourist", Don McDowell is a lifelong Iowan who grew up on a diversified family farm in O'Brien County between Archer and Sheldon with his parents and three older siblings. He graduated from Sheldon High School in 2004, Iowa State University in 2008, and the Worldwide College of Auctioneering in 2014.

He resides in Des Moines, works in agricultural advocacy, and is on the board for the Iowa 4-H Foundation. Previously, he has worked in the Iowa General Assembly, at a large law firm, as a bus driver, political operative, comedic improviser, Wal-Mart cashier, freelance journalist, political blogger, and family farm kid laborer.

Don has a passion for traveling and exploring our state, for writing, for documenting, and for championing the people, places, and events that make Iowa so special. 

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