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BUILT IN IOWA PODCAST: Don McDowell, Founder - Iowa Adventurer

August 11, 2020

This episode is a little different than we have done in the past. Iowa Adventurer is a side hustle for Don, and he has a huge passion for Iowa, just like we do!

WHO TV 13: Des Moines’ Micro-Influencers Creating Buzz Around Town

August 29, 2019

“I like to consider myself as the ultimate Iowa tourist. You can find interesting things three blocks, three miles or three hundred miles away in Iowa,” says Don McDowell, a hummingbird.

MARKET TO MARKET: Joining the 99er Club: Don McDowell

July 09, 2019

Getting to every county in one's state is a goal for some. Don McDowell has already done this in his lifetime, but now he's doing it again to see what Iowa has to offer through his Iowa Adventurer site.

SHELDON MAIL-SUN: Sheldon High School graduate becomes ultimate state tourist

September 19, 2018

Don McDowell uses his affinity for traveling to show the world there is more to the Hawkeye State than farm fields, livestock and wind turbines.

AMES TRIBUNE: Meet Don McDowell, The Iowa Adventurer

August 31, 2018

Finding great adventures in Iowa could seem intimidating or impossible to some, but for one Iowa State University alum, discovering the hidden treasures of Iowa has turned into a journey he is passionate for.

KIWA RADIO: Sheldon Native is "Iowa Adventurer"

May 07, 2018

A Sheldon native has embarked on a journey designed to take him to every community in the state of Iowa, all 900 of them, and report what he finds in every nook and cranny of the state on his website.

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